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janijanu2011 (36)  
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jaystoo (38)  
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WALLET SCAM WARNING! in ASDA, whilist Packing shopping into the car, you may be approached by 2 fit 18 year old Eastern European girls in Tight, tiny tops, They wash your screen with their tits up against the window and ask for the lift to the next ASDA as payment. On the way they will strip down and perfom oral sex on each other, One will then climb into the front and suck you off while other attemps to steal your wallet! I had mine stolen last Thursday Friday, Saturday, Twice on Sunday and once again Today so BE CAREFUL!
sahi (45)  
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sahi (45)  
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b2b (31)  
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sahi (45)  
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sahi (45)  
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sahi (45)  
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Man in club,:May i buy you a drink.:Lady,:No thanks,alcohol is bad for my legs.Man:Sorry to hear that.Do they swell?No they just open.............
vredinka (36)  
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vredinka (36)  
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